• Creation of 2 training manuals: ‘Thermal Phenomena of Building Fires’ and ‘Smoke Analysis in Building Fires.’ These manuals are now distributed to all officers in Quebec as part of the Officer 1 program. These manuals have been published in over 7,000 copies.
  • Production of 4 editions of the ‘Flash Formation’ magazine distributed to all fire services in Quebec.


  • Over 125 fire services trained in Canada.
  • Training for several Departmental Fire and Rescue Services (S.D.I.S) in France and Switzerland.
  • Organization of over 12 structure fire burns for educational purposes and scientific data collection.


  • Participation in the Controlled Burn Building Preparation Guide for the Quebec National Firefighters School.
  • Participation in the writing and revision of NFPA standards 1401, 1403, 1404, 1410, and 13E
  • Member of the IFSTA Strategy and Tactics Manual Review Committee.
  • Member of the IFSTA Company Officer Manual Review Committee.
  • Member of the UL Firefighter Safety Technical Committee for studies on interior and exterior attacks in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Member of the F.I.R.E. project in Ottawa aimed at implementing new firefighting tactics.


  • Keynote speaker at IFIW in the Netherlands and Ottawa
  • Invited speaker at the firefighters’ congress in Portugal
  • Speaker at the firefighters’ congress in Croatia
  • Speaker at the Quebec coroners’ symposium in 2023
  • Conference at the firefighters’ congress in France


  • Participation in two seasons of the ‘Ne Jamais Faire À La Maison’ show and the ‘Génial’ show aimed at educating the general public about fire safety
  • Recipients of the Paul-Perreault Award from the Association of Fire Safety Chiefs of Quebec.

Completion of the Taktik building fire burn project in Mirabel in 2019 :