About us

Our Purpose – Our Mission

Flash Formation is committed to continuously enhancing the safety of firefighters through the dissemination of accessible and educational training. Guided by its core values that are at the heart of all its projects, our company is convinced that reducing accidents during interventions requires the continuous improvement of responders’ skills, the optimization of firefighting tactics, and active participation in various research and development programs in North America and Europe.


True to its culture of innovation, Flash Formation remains a leading authority in professional development in the field of firefighting through the integration and dissemination of scientific concepts. Its team of instructors plays an active role in providing training tools, thus contributing to the ongoing evolution of the firefighter profession through the various services offered by the company.


Our foundational values are at the core of every decision our organization makes. Represented by our Challenge Coin, these values are:



  • Through research and development during live fire incidents.
  • Through our participation in UL, IFSTA, and NFPA committees.
  • Through the many training sessions, we’ve received and conducted all around the world.

Why Flash Formation?

  • Reduction of injuries among firefighters and citizens.
  • Decrease in losses through more effective tactics.
  • The efficiency of tactics used.
  • The safe approach to work during a building fire.
  • Understanding fire development.
  • The implementation of tactics that have a real impact on preventing injuries among firefighters.

The dissemination of a passion.

Our purpose: making the firefighting profession safer.