RISC Simulator Training


The RISC simulator allows you to recreate all known thermal phenomenon likely to occur during fireground operations, in comparison to most first generation flashover simulators.

The RISC simulator is equipped with technologically advanced insulation used in thermal power plants, thereby limiting the quantity of material needed to recreate thermal phenomenon.

The low amount of fuel used exposes firefighters to less contaminants and heat than a first generation flashover simulator, therefore limiting wear and tear of firefighting turnout gear and breathing apparatus all while being much safer for firefighters.

The low emission of smoke produced by the RISC simulator makes it possible to install in a large urban area all while preserving the environment.

The Flash Formation RISC simulator is much safer and requires only 3 non-treated wood pallets to recreate a fire, which produces 300 times less smoke than conventional live fire simulators.

The Flash Formation RISC simulator can be transported to wherever it is needed! Offer your team a unique training!

  • Fire dynamics and fire growth observation
  • Smoke pattern analysis
  • Ventilation control
  • Thermal phenomenon indicators
  • Decontamination procedures

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