Our Purpose

Flash Formation strives to make the firefighting profession safer through accessible, educational, hands-on training.

The core values of this enterprise are the foundation of all its projects. We believe that the reduction of fire related accidents must be achieved through continuous education, the optimization of firefighting tactics and active participation in research and development programs.


Guided by its innovative culture, Flash Formation remains a reference in the field of advanced fire training due to the integration and diffusion of scientific knowledge.

Our team of qualified instructors actively participate in the diffusion of training tools, contribute to the evolution of the firefighting profession all through the different services offered by the company.

Why Flash Formation?

  • Injury reduction amongst firefighters and civilians
  • Decrease in building and material losses as a result of more effective tactics


  • Through research and development during live fire burns
  • By being involved in various committees (UL, IFSTA, NFPA)
  • By numerous trainings offered and received throughout the world

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Leadership |

The diffusion of a passion.

Our reason for being is to make the firefighter job safer.